TrueCaller Premium APK Download(v11.1.9)Gold+premium+Mod

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

 Name TrueCaller Premium APK Download
 Size 33.48
 Version 11.1.9
 Last Update Mar 25, 2020
 Total Downloads 500,000,000+
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TrueCaller Premium APK Download

     About TrueCaller Premium APK  

TrueCaller premium apk is an app that gives you the most power in the “Calling” portion of your device.

TrueCaller Premium apk download has all the eye-catching features and of course most important features which are not available in the default dialing app of your device.

Some of its features are-

  • Call Blocking.
  • Caller Identification.
  • Flash Messaging.
  • Call Recording.
  • Chat & Voice and many more.

TrueCaller premium gold apk download was developed by “True Sofware Scandinavia AB”. And it has been downloaded more than 500,000,000 times. Can you believe it? The number clearly shows it’s popularity.

TrueCaller Premium GOLD APK Download

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

     Why you need Truecaller premium mod apk?  

See, we all know, smartphones nowadays are way more developed and advanced. And has tons of high-end features. But we are greedy people ;-). We want even more power in our hands. That’s why some people root their phones. That is extremely dangerous. If you do so, there will be a major hole in your security. I will recommend you not to do so.

As smartphones are the most advanced and powerful machine and have almost all the needy features, but some greedy people like me and you 😉 want to get more features. And by downloading Truecaller premium apk you will get all the needy features on your hand in the calling and messaging section.

     Basic Features of Truecaller premium mod Apk  

Smart Messaging: Now enjoy free unlimited chat with your friends and family using Truecaller premium apk. Not only this, but Truecaller can also identify unknown messages and automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS.

Powerful Dialer: Truecaller has the world’s best caller id which will identify 99% unknown phone numbers calling you. It can also block spam and telemarketers, can record calls, can perform flash messaging, and can backup all your call history.

Truecaller Pay: Nowadays we all are going for online payments. And now you don’t need any other app to perform that task. Truecaller premium apk has UPI Payments and Recharge. It is a safe, secure, and instant money transfer. It is capable to perform Quick mobile recharges and bill payments and you can also manage all your bank accounts.

TrueCaller GOLD APK Free Download

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

     Premium features of Truecaller Premium apk download  

Call recording: Call recording is a feature that comes along with Truecaller Premium apk. Now you can record all the calls in just a click.

People who viewed your profile: Now you can also see who viewed your profile.

View profile privately: Now you can also view other’s profiles privately without knowing them.

Premium Badge: You will get a premium badge on your profile with Truecaller Premium apk. It will show up while calling and when people visit your profile.

Free from Ads: Ads are often irritating while performing any task. With premium, Truecaller apk Ads will vanish.

TrueCaller Premium MOD APK

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

     Features of Truecaller premium gold apk download  

  • Gold Caller ID
  • High priority support

     Info of Truecaller premium apk  

Download TrueCaller Premium APK

TrueCaller Premium APK Download

     User Reviews  

  1. Kishan Jokhaker (♥♥♥♥♥): Wonderful all and is really helpful, however, Truecaller has stopped identifying unknown numbers in WhatsApp. Before if an unknown number had messaged me it used to identify who the person is. It has stopped doing that despite having uninstalled and reinstalling the app as well as switching off the “Messaging apps” option and putting it on again. Please fix this.

  2. Alif Akhmizan (♥♥♥): Decent experience you could get every update. Frequent freeze and stutter when calling, opening message, and typing number. Become worst when Full-Screen Gesture was enabled, I guess Truecaller still doesn’t support Full-Screen Display(?). Good things that Google Autofill working fine in here, compared to my Mi Message. Due to the huge database, it can detect most of the unknown contact.

  3. Ajay Sharma (♥): It is not blocking spam calls, messages, and not displaying caller id anymore since the last update. It wants us to set it as the default dialer and SMS app. Why do we need to do that? What is going on? Do you need users to uninstall your app forever? Also, I can’t find a way to unsubscribe the monthly payment option for my other Truecaller premium account. It keeps taking monthly payments from my bank account and I am unable to stop it.

  4. Arif Mohammed (♥♥♥♥): Nice app we can identify numbers easily… Very much useful but the problem is u will still receive calls and msgs even though they r blocked… Notification will appear when a blocked call is received and messages will still arrive in the messaging app… But if u just want to identify numbers then this is a perfect app.

  5. Akpotor Charles (♥♥♥♥♥): True caller has been around for years now but this is the first time I am using it because I am very shy of technology. I decided to use it when I have a problem knowing who a caller was and believe me the experience was wonderful. I place the number on Truecaller and there you go Baam! Awesome!

     Final Verdict  

Truecaller premium apk is one of the best app in the market which can help you to find the details of an unknown caller. Get Truecaller premium apk download from our website and enjoy all the premium features of Truecaller premium apk for free. 

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