N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK 5.8.1g Safe+Money+Ammo+Power

N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK 5.8.1g

N.O.V.A Legacy MOD APK

 Name N.O.V.A. Legacy
 Genre Game, Action
 Size 46MB
 Current Version 5.8.1g
 Updated December 13, 2019
 Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
 Installs 50,000,000+
 Developer www.gameloft.com
 Get it on PlayStore  Google Play

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In the era of the smartphone, every second person is addicted to mobile games. Especially shooting games. That’s why we see an immense craze for PubG in teenagers as well as in adults.

Besides PubG there are a lot of shooting games available in PlayStore which are equally powerful and have a high-end gameplay experience. N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is one of the best among others. It is rich in graphics, gameplay experience, beginner-friendly, great looking characters and many more.

Nova Legacy Mod Apk Download

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk

     What is N.O.V.A Legacy?

It is a remastered version from the first episode of N.O.V.A saga. Revisit of the events, locations, and camps that started will all updated graphics (compared to N.O.V.A Saga) complete new level designs and game modes.

     About N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is a shooting game where you can enjoy both offline and online gameplay. N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is one of the best shooting games available in PlayStore.

It has-

  • Great storyline/content.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • First-person shooter (FPS)

All those features will provide you the best gameplay experience. By this game, players can enjoy Universal level gameplay. N.O.V.A Legacy supports online multiplayer with up to 6 players, along with a craft and upgrade your weapons to more powerful versions.

Gameloft claims that it is one of the 3D sci-fi FPS experience based game. Which is true.

Kal Wardin, the hero of N.O.V.A Legacy, is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine, summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suit and strike against the enemies of the Colonial Administration forces.

Nova Legacy Mod Apk For Android

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk


N.O.V.A Legacy is based on Movement and Aim. If you are new and inexperienced then First Person Shooter (FPS) games will not be a piece of cake for you. Though you will master it as you practice. N.O.V.A Legacy Mod apk is played in landscape mode.

Making any action or movement in the game-

  • Left Thumb: You need to use your left thumb to move your in-game character throughout the game.
  • Right Thumb: You need to use your right thumb to look around and aim.
  • Tapping: You have to tap on the fire button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

In the game you have a limited amount of ammo, so you need to keep an eye on it. The ammo status will be on the top right corner of the screen. Reloading the gun with ammo will be automatic once the weapon totally runs out of ammo or you can do it manually by tapping on the weapon itself.

You can also use grenade in N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk which can be helpful to destroy more than one enemy at a time. To use it you need to tap on the grenade icon on the right side of the screen.

Nova Legacy Download

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk

     Does this game require an internet connection?


You don’t need an active internet connection for single-player mode at least. For multiplayer mode, you need an active internet connection for sure.

     Features of N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk

Offline Playing mode: Nowadays not all the game offers an offline playing mode. But N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk does. You can enjoy the Single Player mode wherever you want, whenever you want. As it doesn’t require an active internet connection.

Online Playing Mode: This game al offers an online multiplayer game mode, where you can compete with other online players and create a team with random players.

Weapons: N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk has a variety of weapon choices. As you grow up in the game you will get to handle all the new weapons. And you can update them also as you grow in the game. As it has a grenade option too.

Challenging Levels: N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is packed up with 19 action-packed levels with high-end graphics which will create mindblowing gameplay. Though you can change the graphic performance manually as your need.

Nova Legacy Apk

N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk

     Game modes in N.O.V.A Legacy

  • Story Mode
  • Shadow Missions
  • Special Ops

     How To Install The Game

It’s very simple.

*The first step should be downloading the game from the link above and below the post*

Before installing any APK file make sure third party apps are allowed in your device.

To do that,

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

After that,

  • Open the APK file from File Manager > Tap on the APK > An “Install” option should popup (or it might get automatically start installing) > Click on Install.

Voila! you are done.

     User Reviews

  1. Mike Blackthorn (♥♥♥♥): N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is a very enjoyable game for being free. The ads aren’t overbearing and although in-app purchases are available to purchase trilithium upgrades quickly, you can still open crates to get small amounts that add up. The campaign consists of short missions, often under 3-4 minutes and is simple to beat. However, this game requires loyalty and practice to progress and get better in multiplayer, because the lobbies often get OP players with fully upgraded weapons and cores who pay.

  2. Mike Jan Galvez (♥♥♥): N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is a great game. Also the graphics. But one thing that I noticed is that when you purchased some packs in the shop, it has no confirmation that you want to buy it. It will directly buy the packs instantly as soon as you pressed the button. I want you to change this or add this confirmation button before you purchased it because sometimes you will accidentally press it even though you don’t have the intention to buy. It’s kinda annoying you know.

  3. Dimitri Ioannidis (♥): Matchmaking is a joke designed to make you pay to play because chests don’t reward you with gear to catch up to the elite. In every multiplayer session, there’s a player with gear much higher than you killing you with 3 bullets. Then you find him later on and put half a mag in him from behind and his health bar says 96% health after he turns around and kills you.

  4. Rijo Rio (♥♥♥♥♥): I ‘ll give it 5 stars for N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk. But the only problem I noted is if it is a tps game like pubg or free fire or call of duty and if it has the controls like Sprinting and jumping and others it may be better than other multiplayer games. But it is an fps game. Some players hate fps mode so in the next update I suggest Sprint and jump then it would be the best game in the multiplayer series .sprinting and jumping makes this game very very cool to play. And it must have customizing options then it will be cooler.

  5. Dj Phantom (♥♥♥♥): N.O.V.A Legacy Mod Apk is a fun game very similar to halo but I give it 4 stars because every level you go up it gets that much harder to kill the aliens because they gain more health so the game kinda forces you to spend all your hard-earned gold and gems on crates and the way you get guns us through the cards the crates give you and it takes a while to get the cards you need.

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