Manual Camera PRO Apk (v3.7.2) + DSLR camera (Paid) FREE

Manual Camera PRO Apk (v3.7.2)

Manual Camera PRO Apk

 Name Manual Camera
 Size 283KB
 Version 3.7.2
 Total Downloads 100,000+
 Last Update October 6, 2017
 Requires Android 5.0 and up

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Manual Camera pro apk is a camera app that could bring the best out of your phone’s camera. In this digital world, almost everyone has a smartphone. From which most of them are android devices. As the technology evolves that much, the camera quality of budget smartphones in getting higher and higher with time.

You don’t need to carry a DSLR Camera nowadays. The camera of your budget smartphone can give you almost the same output or most precisely more than the best quality can be expected from a phone. Though, the smartphone camera never matches perfectly with the quality of DSLR Camera as DSLR has the best sensor possible for creating a world-class image.

So, to bring the most and the best from a Smartphone camera we have Manual Camera pro apk for you. That could enhance the performance of your default camera app.

Manual Camera pro apk download

Manual Camera PRO Apk

     Why you should use Manual Camera pro apk?  

Usability- Non-techy people are not that much fond of the complicated app functions. And mainly most of the users are non-techy. They search for easy to use apps. And trust me, Manual camera pro apk is the easiest app to configure with its functions.

All the settings are very user friendly. You can set all the functions according to your needs, weather conditions, and lighting conditions with a few simple clicks.

Light Size- Most of us suffer from RAM and ROM issues. We often find a lighter version of apps. But unfortunately, most of the apps are 40,50,60 even 100 MB. That’s too much huh? What do you think, what will be the size of Manual Camera pro apk? Let me tell you it’s just 283KB. 

Yes, you read it right. The manual Camera pro apk is less than 300KB. can you believe it?

Manual Camera app download

Manual Camera PRO Apk

     Some other important features of Manual Camera pro apk at a glance:

Manual ISO
✓ Manual focus
✓ Control shutter speed
✓ Control exposure
✓ Control white balance
✓ Realtime filter / color effect
✓ 4K camera recording (on supported devices)
✓ Set video frame rate and bit rate
✓ Intervalometer/burst camera mode
✓ Geotagging
✓ Photo stamping
✓ Save to internal /external memory

     Additional Features Manual Camera pro apk

✓ RAW (DNG) format
✓ Timer
✓ Gridlines
✓ Sounds On/Off
✓ Max. Screen Brightness On/Off

Manual Camera DSLR camera professional

Manual Camera PRO Apk

     Why you should download manual camera apk from  

There are many sites available that will give the hacked and cracked version of Manual Camera Pro apk. We never encourage or support this kind of illegal activity. And we will suggest you don’t fall for them as well. You can get the latest and safest version of the Manual camera apk from here. You can also get the pro version from Playstore.

Manual Camera apk download

Manual Camera PRO Apk

     User Reviews  

  1. Troy Clayton (♥♥♥♥♥): I was apprehensive to buy this app based on the reviews. Thankfully, I bought it anyway! I’m not sure why this app isn’t rated higher. As an amateur photographer, the things I missed most with my phone camera were the manual settings. Now I have complete control. I’m using the Pixel 3, and all the functions work amazing, f-stop, ISO and manual focus. It’s almost like having my Digital SLR in my pocket!

  2. Peter Caruso (♥♥♥♥♥): Shutter speed is amazingly fast and it does let you use the autofocus for a macro which was an issue I had with about 10 other programs not doing. Some of the features are clumsy like when you go to manual focus it always starts with infinity. It needs an update but it’s a great program.

  3. John Gozon (♥♥): Hey developers please update your application features. It does not work with multiple cameras. In fact, my phone Samsung A20 has a 13 MP for the main camera and MP camera for wide-angle then an 8 M front-facing camera. I have tested it several times and pictures taken were blurred because it uses the 5 MP cam instead of the main. I hope you will take action on this.

  4. Oskar Kalata (♥♥♥): A great app to take manual photos (quite a few settings my default camera doesn’t have). Too bad it hasn’t been updated anytime recently and has no support for multiple cameras (just 1 rear-facing and the front camera). Not worth the buy until it gets updated.

  5. Dark Angel (♥): For now it just won’t work. The test app said it was compatible (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with MIUI 11). The app starts and doesn’t detect any input, besides, the flash icon on the notifications bar starts going on and off looks like a bug with this given OS version, would be nice if I managed to use it.

      Final Verdict  

Download the Manual Camera Pro Apk (v3.7.2) from our website and enjoy all the features of that app seamlessly. 

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