Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 4.6.0l+OBB (VIP+Money+Diamonds)

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk

App NameGangstar Vegas Mod Apk (World of Crime)
Current Version4.6.0l
UpdatedMarch 11, 2020
Requires Android4.1 and up
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Relative and realistic things in artificial world always fascinated me, I think it should have fascinated you too. That’s why you are here to download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK.

The concept and gameplay of Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk is quite similar to THE MOST POPULAR GTA(Grand Theft Auto). You probably have listened to that name once in your life, if you are known to the online gaming world.

Though GTA can’t be played on Mobile devices, Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk can be played on mobile devices.

This is the plus point of apk for Gangstar Vegas.

     Mod Info of Gangstar Vegas  

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • VIP 10
  • And more

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Download

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

     About Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk  

Gangstar Vegas, which was originally known as Gangstar Vegas: City of Sin. And alternatively also known as Gangstar 4: Vegas. Currently, it’s named as Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk is an Open-World Action-Adventure video game, which was released by Gameloft on June 7, 2013, for Android and Ios platform.

The concept and gameplay of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime revolve around Las Vegas, Nevada. The main character of the story is Jason Malone, who is a skilled MMA fighter. Games like GTA series, this game also has Driving Simulation and Third-Person Shooting Simulation.

The Open-World feature of this game drives player crazy and attract more new players to the game.

In spite of all these great features, when the game was launched it faced bad reviews from critics and gamers as well. Though over time, this game has improved a lot with music and high-end 3D graphics. Now this game has almost 50M installs in IOS and Android platforms. You should not wait for Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Download.

     What you can do Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk  

There are a lot of things you can do in Apk for Gangstar Vegas. Let me explain them to you.

80 Missions

In Apk for Gangstar Vegas, there are 80 freaking missions you have to complete. In those missions, you have to fight with other game characters, you have to take part in car races, you have to perform various kinds of crimes and after that, you have to escape from the police too.

And be prepared to shoot other game characters according to the story and to save yourself. There are tons of more tasks to perform when the gameplay demands and you have to perform them to grow in the game.

The purpose of all those 80 missions in Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk will be totally different. That’s quite exciting, right?

Building and Organizing

If you have ever played GTA then you should know that you can buy properties in this kind of game and Organize them according to your needs. You can also buy properties here such as Car, Bikes, Houses, Helicopters, and many more.

As you grow in the game you will earn money and you can spend them to build and buy your own properties.

Wild Rides

If I look from a hardcore gamer’s point of view, I don’t like the controls of Gangstar Vegas. The controls used in the game are very old school. Though they give a tough time while driving a vehicle. But it has a plus point too, which I personally like. And that is roaming around the city madly. Crashing my cars, banging games character, and other vehicles are extremely enjoyable.

Open World

You can roam around the giant city of the Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk seamlessly without any disruption. Buying stuff and properties around the city and almost owning the city make this game even more interesting.

Apk for Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

     Controls of Gangstar Vegas  

Controls of these games are quite old school and hard to use. Let me introduce them to you,

  • Foot: Foot control is the basic controls of the game. By these controls, you can determine the actions of Jason. To make Jason walk and jog use the button in the bottom left of the screen and to make him run even faster use the running man button on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Car: To change the direction of the car you need to use the slider on the bottom left corner and to use the brake and gas use the pedals on the bottom right corner of the screen. Though you need plenty of time and practice to master these controls. Initially, you might get frustrated as the car will get smashed in every second.
  • Bike: Bike control is pretty much similar to Car control except the slider on the left. In Bike Controls you will get a fixed button to change the direction of the vehicle and right side control will be the same as Car.
  • Helicopter: Helicopter controls are not that tricky as bike and car. While flying helicopter you will get a slider on the left side of the screen to change direction and up and down arrows on the right side of the screen to change the height from the ground.

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     Vehicle List  

4 Wheller2/3 Wheeler
ACMT VLRA TPK 420 VCTDodge Tomahawk
Alfa Romeo SZCustom Made Light Cycle
Cadillac V-8Campagna T-Rex
Caterpillar CT 660Custom Made Trike
Chevrolet Caprice ClassicCustom Made Banana
Chevrolet Corvette
Club Car Precedent
Dodge Charger
Dodge Ram
Dunham Coach Corvorado
Cadillac Gafe Commando V-100
Chevrolet Caprice Classic
Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Nova
Dartz Prombron
Dodge Charger
Ferrari 328 GTB

Gangstar Vegas to Download

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

     Why Should you Download Gangstar Vegas?  

Fabulous Gameplay: Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime has the best gameplay experience in its segments. Though the size of the game is quite big but trust me, 1.6 GB worth the game. If you have ever played GTA then you will be amazed by the performance of Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime. This game partially replicates THE GREAT GTA.

High-end 3D Graphics: “A high-end game isn’t a high-end game until it can deliver High-end Graphics”. And Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime totally stands out in this area. It has realistic 3D graphics which can enhance the gameplay by 1000%.

Dozens of Missions to Complete: This game has a total of 80 missions to complete. For this, you can play this game for a long time without getting bored. In those missions, you have to fight, take part in car races, perform various kinds of crimes, and escaping from the police too.

Greate Story Mode: The story of the game is plotted in Las Vegas, Nevada and the story revolves around Jason Malone, who is a skilled MMA fighter. Jason (your character) make crimes, fights, buy properties, complete tasks, and whatnot. The story has a realistic touch of the gangster world. That’s why the story mode is liked by millions.

     Pros & Cons of Gangstar Vegas  


  • Large Gameplay Area
  • Dozens of Mission
  • Fun & Exciting to Play
  • Lots of choice for weapons, vehicles, and other items.
  • Customizable controls
  • 3D Graphics


  • Copied concept
  • Voices aren’t as clear as they should be

     Requirements for Gangstar Vegas  

  • Operating System: iOS 6.1.6 and Android 4.1 and higher.
  • GPU: Adreno 505 and higher.
  • CPU: Snapdragon 435 Octa Core 1.4 GHz and higher.
  • Storage: 1.5GB Free.
  • RAM: 2 GB

Mod for Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

     Is safe for apk of Gangstar Vegas (MOD)?  


There are tons of websites who offer Mod files. I am not saying all are spammy and unsafe for you, but most of them are. There might be an unwanted virus and malware present on these Mod Apk files.

But we provide the cleanest apk files. None of our users ever faced any issue with the files we provide.

But wait, How can you trust us? We completely understand. We insist you do a virus check using some virus checking tools. Ex.-

     How to Install Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk?  

It’s very simple.

*The first step should be downloading the Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk from the link above and below the post*

Before installing any APK file make sure third party apps are allowed in your device.

To do that,

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

After that,

  • Open the APK file from File Manager Tap on the APK > An “Install” option should popup (or it might get automatically start installing) > Click on Install.

Voila! you are done.

Gangstar Vegas Game Download

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

     User Reviews  

  1. Hrach (♥♥♥♥♥): In Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk a lot has improved. The update was constructive, as opposed to other past updates. I have noticed improvements to the gameplay, as for the graphics day and night cycle is better and more realistic physics. Good, just keep up improving the weather physics, graphic-wise. Games like payback 2 and dragon raja feature rain and snow physics in the open world. If you add these graphical improvements it will be top-notch. I cannot understand people who complain about this update.

  2. Warlord Mehedi (♥♥): I like the game. But it seems like with every update you devs make the game harder to make money. It’s very difficult for new players to start and get fewer resources than old players. It should be the opposite. New players must get more gems and resources so that they can catch up to others quickly and enjoy a fair gaming environment.

  3. Affan Haris (♥♥♥♥): So I’ve been playing Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk for about a week now and I’m really enjoying it. But there are probably two things that I don’t really like. One of them is the radio. It just pisses me off that every single time I enter my car, the first thing I hear is (LAS, VEGAS). It’s that classical song on the radio. It’s just so annoying to listen to. I just wish there was a much wider variety of music to listen to. Because most on the time I just turn the radio off. Anyway, I still love the game.

  4. Zack Ly (♥♥): Many times I got a problem when managing the character out of a vehicle, I take about 3-5secs, kinda lagging. The control is not good when you’re in a vehicle. The worst things are, I once didn’t get the package I bought. And some items that I purchased were missing or weren’t delivered to my account.

  5. Omari Mwisongo (♥♥♥): While I was being chased by the military I activated the boost that gives you extra bullet resistance explosion immunity etc. And they still managed to blow me up with missiles while I was in the foot. I noticed a few other things that didn’t really work how they should and that is why I gave three stars for Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk. Other than this great gameplay.

     Final verdict  

Though Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk has a lot of similarities to GTA, it’s truly a great game. if someone can’t afford  GTA then he/she should try Gangstar Vegas. He/She will fell in love with the gameplay of this game.

Share your thoughts and problems (if you face any) in the comment section below.

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