Get the Cam Scan pro apk latest (free licence)(camscanner)(v5.17.7.202)

Cam Scan pro apk latest

If you are a businessman, student or a job person, you definitely need to create PDF files to present your research, documents or study material. And making a PDF isn’t an easy task to performs. But we present you Cam Scan pro apk latest for free.

Cam Scan pro apk

   Download CamScanner pro apk (v5.17.7.202)

About Cam Scan pro apk

CamScanner pro apk is an app that helps to scan and create PDF. CamScanner pro apk will help you to scan, store, sync and collaborate on a variety of contents across your smartphones, iPods, tablets, and computers. You can directly take a print out of your scanned document using cam scan pro apk in just a minute.

CamScanner pro apk

Cam Scan pro apk

Other features of CamScanner pro apk

Digitization of Document: Now you can use your camera from the phone to scan all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, and make PDF files of them.

Optimize Scan Quality: Smart cropping and auto enhancing take care of the texts and graphics in scanned documents are crystal clear and sharp with premium colors and resolutions.

Extract Texts from Image: OCR feature recognizes texts in document images and extracts them from images for later searching, editing or sharing

Share PDF/JPEG Files: Now you can share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends, colleagues, and business operators in many ways. You can also post on social media, send attachment or document.

CamScanner pro apk license free download

Cam Scan pro apk

AirPrint & Fax Documents: With cam scan pro apk you can get print out of any documents in CamScanner with the nearby printer. It’s very easy to do that. You can also select documents and fax them to over 30 countries from the app.

Advanced Document Editing: Make annotations on documents with a highly effective and high-quality set of editing tools.

Quick Search: Searching for the exact document from thousands of documents is actually a hectic task to do. Camscanner pro apk has the ability to search by using tags to categorize and easily find the required file or document.

Secure Important Documents: Protection is a must for your documents, so random, people couldn’t access all your data. So to protect all the confidential contents and data, you can set a password for all the important documents.

Sync across Platforms: Sign up to sync documents on the go wherever you want. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer and you can view, edit and share any document any time you want.

CamScanner pro apk full version with license download

Cam Scan pro apk

Other Premium Service for Cam Scan pro apk

  • OCR (Convert Image to TXT, Image to WORD & Image to EXCEL)
  • Batch download PDF files in the web app
  • Share secured document downlink with others
  • Add extra 40 to the maximum number of collaborators
  • Add 10G cloud space
  • ID Mode Scan
  • Remove ads or watermarks
  • Collage of two separate documents
  • E-signature
  • Book Mode Scan

CamScanner pro apk free download/ CS scanner pro apk

Info of Cam Scan pro apk

 Name CamScanner
 Genre Productivity
 Size 61M
 Total Installs 100,000,000+
 Requires Android 5.0 and up
 Last Update March 22, 2020

CamScanner pro apk download

Cam Scan pro apk

User Reviews

  1. Rachel Molacek (♥♥♥♥♥): Cam Scan pro apk is an amazing little app to scan any documents you need digitized. Much more convenient than having to head to a print office to use their scanner, and not as costly as buying a home scanner. I got the unlocked version after a few months of enjoying using the locked version – since I liked the app enough, and didn’t want watermarks on my documents anymore.

  2. Nik Ts (♥♥♥♥♥): CamScanner pro apk is a power-packed app for scanning, OCR, format conversion, editing & sharing of documents. No other app comes close to it. Also really easy to use. Cons: pricings are quite steep for casual users Update: where’s the recycle bin? If one accidentally deleted a page, only a message pops up informing they’ll be kept for 30 days but you can’t even find how to restore.

  3. Abdul Kashif Shah (♥♥♥♥♥): Cam Scan pro apk Exceptional tool to manage and edit documents! A must for every literate. The options to share in any format and different sizes, import pictures from gallery or other documents, crop and customize scanned documents in a variety of available options make it awesome. Looking forward to learning more features. There are ads when opening and closing the application that might irritate, but that’s nothing compared to the services provided for free. Plus, one is free to purchase premium.

  4. M. Alkassim (♥♥♥): I’ve been using CamScanner pro apk for quite some time flawlessly. With recent updates though, I have now two deal-breaking issues: 1) It takes ages for folders to show contents when clicked. Even though, those folders have been viewed millions of times before. 2) Documents do not get moved to specified folders when I try to move them. I can see the documents in the new folder right after the moving process is completed. But when I check later, they’re back again in an old folder. Frustrating!

  5. Christos E (♥): Cam Scan pro apk used to work fantastic but now it intentionally lowers the quality so handwriting is no longer legible. That will not get me to buy the app. That will make me find a different app instead. Now I’ll be spreading word-of-mouth about another app instead of yours. A lot of people have downloaded your app because I told him it was very good, you’re welcome. Now you made a liar out of me by lowering the quality of the free app like morons. No more free advertising for you.

   Download CamScanner pro apk (v5.17.7.202)



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