Genuine Airport City Mod APK (v7.15.49) Latest+Money+Fuel

Airport City Mod APK

Airport City Mod APK

     Info of Airport City Mod Apk

 Name Airport City
 Size 157M
 Genre Simulation
 Version 7.15.49
 Last Update April 8, 2020
 Requires Android 4.1 and up
 Total Installs 10,000,000+
 Get it on Playstore PlayStore

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Airport City Apk

     What is Simulation?

We all like to drive something powerful and new all the time. But every vehicle is not in our reach to drive freely just like your Bike and Car. Some super high-end vehicles just like Trains, Racing cars, Airplanes, etc.

So to fulfill our dream to drive them there are all kinds of Simulator games available, where you can drive whatever you want however you want. This is the type of flexibility Simulator games give us and that’s why simulator game is that much popular.

Airport City Apk Download

     About Airport City Mod Apk

Airport city is one of the best simulator game and much more advanced than any other simulators. In airport city mod apk you not only fly the aircraft you can also build a city. Where you can plan all the things by your imagination and by the sense of creativity. The more creative you are the more perfectly you can build your city.

I truly believe you’ve at least once played a farming simulator game. If yes then it is the high time to leave that Farming sim for a while and try Airport city mod apk and build your dream city by using your creativity. 

Airport City Mod Apk is not just a boring flight simulator game where you have nothing to do except flying the flight. To play Airport City you need outstanding management skills to develop and create all the infrastructure. You have to take care of the whole city you have developed and provide your airport with all the necessary services.

And when the earth becomes small for you to roam around and do the task then build a launchpad and send rockets to space.

Airport City Unlimited Money and Coins Apk

     What you can do in Airport City mod apk


As you need to build your own town/city, Airports, buildings you need to manage all of them together to make your city look vibrant and beautiful. Now, managing all the things together is not at all an easy task to perform. You need to have a massive skill in management. I guess you do! If not then this game will surely develop that skill within you. From a small town to a mega town will boost your many skills.

Airport City Mod APK


Seeing one or a similar thing each day is kinda boring. Isn’t it? So to keep it look always new and fresh you can customize your city, building, airport, and all the layouts whenever and wherever you want. So it will look fresh all the time.

Airport City Mod APK


As soon as you start playing this game there are tons of things to explore. You might get exhausted by exploring each and everything. Kidding 😉 . You can explore all the earth and when the earth becomes small for you, build a launchpad and launch a rocket to outer space.

Airport City Mod APK

Airport City Mod

User reviews

  1. Ahmad Kadri (♥♥♥♥): Why do the commercial buildings give very low income, while the price of the buildings, planes, and everything in the game is somehow magical!!! There is no logic regarding the income and the overall stuff prices! I am on the 27th level, but I’m not able to buy the plane of the 18th level due to the low available incomes and the super high price of the planes!

  2. Ben Misses (♥♥): Good game, however, the revenue per plane is very low compared to the price of upgrades. You have to stay on the game all day if you wish to make just a few coins. Please increase the revenue from planes or reduce the cost of upgrades as this is ridiculous ! Especially when the upgrade for a new airstrip is enormous and you only send planes for that airstrip so then suddenly I don’t get many planes landing anymore.

  3. Jeanine Holtmann (♥): Too difficult to upgrade anything. Trying to push users to the pricy subscription packages. Who the heck would pay for that? Some games get the balance right between enjoyable albeit limited play for free with the option of reasonably priced micro-transactions, small enough that a person might consider purchasing on occasion. And then you get this game which is just plain extortion. Bored, and it had so much potential.

  4. Hari Haran Sathyamurthy (♥♥♥♥): Post update unable to open game itself not only that I have to uninstall and reinstalled the game that too no use. The email address given the page seems to be in longer existence. One of the best sites you cannot reach the team. Do not bother about the players say. Only positive alone will be posted and accepted as gestures. 1) The contact email address is not supported 2) review given the player not read or bothered. 3) for namesake the complaint is received by the portal.

  5. Scott Story (♥): An incredibly frustrating game built simply to get your money. I spent some money early on, primarily because I like to speed up early levels. However, the game sets near-impossible feats to build buildings and accomplish tasks. I spent hours pf play trying to find objects required to finish building that I spent hours earning gold to pay for. You can get gifts from neighbors but there is no way to make requests so neighbors have no idea what you need. Horrible long-term game. DELETED.

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